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Academic Dishonesty Report


Please be advised that the alleged violator(s) will have the opportunity to review this form in the Office of the Dean of Students, as well as members of the Judicial Board who serve as hearing panelists.

  • Reporter Information

  • Alleged Violator Information

  • Course Information
  • Other alleged violators included in this specific incident for whom a separate form will be submitted. (Please include the student’s first and last name and their NU ID number in parenthesis after the name: FName LName (NUID).)

  • Violation Information
  • :   Copying or attempting to copy from an academic test or examination of another student; using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, notes, study aids or other devices for an academic test, examination or exercise; engaging or attempting to engage the assistance of another individual in misrepresenting the academic performance of a student; or communicating information in an unauthorized manner to another person for an academic test, examination or exercise.
  • :  Falsifying or fabricating any information or citation in any academic exercise, work, speech,research, test or examination. Falsification is the alteration of information, while fabrication is the invention or counterfeiting of information.
  • :   Presenting the work of another as one's own (i.e., without proper acknowledgment of the source) and submitting examinations, theses, reports, speeches, drawings, laboratory notes or other academic work in whole or in part as one's own when such work has been prepared by another person or copied from another person.Materials covered by this prohibition include, but are not limited to, text, video, audio, images, photographs, websites, electronic and online materials, and other intellectual property.
  • :  Destroying, defacing, stealing, or making inaccessible library or other academic resource materials
  • :  Helping or attempting to help another student to commit an act of academic dishonesty.
  • :  Changing or destroying grades, scores or markings on an examination or in an instructor's records.
  • :  Collaborating on any academic exercise, work, speech, test or examination unless expressly authorized by the faculty member. It is the obligation of the student to know whether collaboration is permitted.
  • :  Misrepresentation by fabricating an otherwise justifiable excuse such as illness, injury, accident, etc., in order to avoid or delay timely submission of academic work or to avoid or delay the taking of a test or examination.
  • :  Academic units and members of the faculty may prescribe and give students prior notice of additional standards of conduct for academic honesty in a particular course, and violation of any such standard of conduct shall constitute misconduct under this Code of Conduct and the University Disciplinary Procedures.
  • Additional Files(optional)
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  • (A student will be assigned an Incomplete in the course of violation. The student will have one semester after the semester of violation to enroll in and successfully complete the course. If the student does not enroll in and successfully complete the course within this time frame, a grade of F will be assigned to the student’s transcript until the class is completed successfully.)
  • (Note: There is no notation of academic dishonesty on student’s official transcript. Course can be retaken at a later date and GPA will be adjusted to reflect most recent grade earned.)

  • :  No judicial proceedings take place and the case information is maintained and filed in the Office of the Dean of Students. In the event that another case of similar nature is filed against the student, the student will be called in to meet with the Dean of Students or a Judicial Hearing Officer to discuss the reported matters.
  • :  Student is called in to meet with the Dean of Students or a Judicial Hearing Officer to discuss the reported matter as a warning. Case information is then maintained and filed in the Office of the Dean of Students. In the event that the warning was not heeded, the judicial process will begin.
  • :  Student is called to a hearing with the Dean of Students or a Judicial Hearing Officer where it will be determined if the student is responsible/not responsible for their actions. If the student is found responsible, the faculty reporters recommendations selected in the above box will be taken into consideration when determining sanctions

  • Note: If the instructor intends to assign the student an “F” for their grade in the course in conjunction with any of the above options, the Office of the Dean of Students will work with Registration and Records to impose the grade. This imposition needs to come from the Office of the Dean of Students so that a student’s withdrawal from the course does not supersede the failing grade. The student must be informed that they are receiving a failing grade by the instructor prior to this request.
  • Thank you for taking time to report alleged violations to the Office of the Dean of Students. We believe the MAJOR reason to report a violation is to help students grow in the ability to reason through ethical dilemmas. We help students learn to take time when making decisions affecting not only the student, but also the community.
  • If you have any questions regarding alleged violation reports, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 402-472-2021
  • The format for this report was created through cooperative efforts with Dr. Camilla Roberts of Kansas State University