Service-Learning: Organization List

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Organization Name


Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau
The Convention and Visitors Bureau is responsible for bringing events to Lincoln, generating overnight stays and adding to the city’s economic impact.
Saint Elizabeth Medical Center
Our volunteers provide valuable, essential services for the many programs and patient care areas of Saint Elizabeth Medical Center. They offer support for many departments within the hospital, assisting with a variety of tasks and responsibilities.
Matt Talbot Kitchen
Matt Talbot Kitchen is an ecumenical volunteer organization providing weekend lunches and evening meals (every day of the week) to the homeless and needy people. This organization serves 4,000 good nutritional meals per month.
Alzheimer’s Association, Nebraska Chapter
The Alzheimer’s Association works to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research, and to enhance care and support for individuals, their families, and caregivers.
Prairie Hill Learning Center
Prairie Hill Learning Center is a Montessori-based facility, which uses the natural environment around their facility, to allow students to actively learn. Its goal is to provide an atmosphere that is home-like and consistent throughout the day and to promote individual growth as well as for caring for others and ...
Domesti-Pups is a volunteer-based organization, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with special needs through the assistance of animals and to promote awareness through education. This group provides service dogs for persons with disabilities, pet therapy programs, classroom dogs, and educational programs. The many different ...
Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement is a nationwide non-profit organization that teaches children and young adults (K-12) important life skills through hands-on economic lessons in partnership with business volunteers in education. JA’s purpose is to educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise, business, and economies, to improve the quality of their ...
Nebraska State Historical Society
The mission of the Nebraska State Historical Society is to safeguard Nebraska’s past and make it accessible in ways that enrich present and future generations.
Community Mental Health Center
• Companion – one-to-one relationship with a client (1-2 hours per week for 6 months) • Adams Street Center Club Member – assist members in the day and evening programs • Region V Crisis Center – assist clients in recreational activities and support their move back into society • Transitional ...
210 O St, Lincoln, NE 68508
The focus of El Centro de las Americas is to educate and empower Latino families and the community at large.
Air Park Neighborhood Center
Air Park Neighborhood Center defines its goal as building the community stronger physically, stronger mentally, and a stronger character. It offers after-school programs to give low income children varied experiences.
Nebraska Humanities Council
The Nebraska Humanities Council mission is to cultivate an understanding of our history and culture. By nourishing an appreciation for history, literature, and philosophy, we instill in our citizens ideas and values that form strong communities and renew our share in the good life.
Friendship Home
Friendship Home is a shelter and support for women, and their children, who have experienced domestic violence.
Larsen Tractor Test & Power Museum
The Larsen Tractor Test & Power Museum features over 30 vintage tractors that represent various milestones in tractor testing history. There are also many hand tools and implements on display.
Bryan Medical Center
Bryan Health is pleased to offer this opportunity to college students who will make and carry through a serious commitment. This is an opportunity for students to provide value-added service to our patients, families, visitors and staff, and to carry out our core values. It is also an opportunity for ...
Lincoln Literacy
Empowering adults to increase their skills and opportunities as individuals, neighbors, workers, parents and members of the Lincoln community by improving their skills in reading, writing or speaking English.
Madonna Rehabilitation Center
Madonna Rehabilitation Center provides rehabilitation and long-term care for those with disabilities, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and other health impairments.
ConnectioN Point
ConnectioN Point is a new campus and community ministry geared specifically for providing opportunities for students to be in volunteer service to some of the most at-risk neighborhoods in Lincoln. While we're piloting two service programs this fall, we encourage students to let us know what they're passionate about doing ...
League of Human Dignity Center for Independent Living
Promoting the full integration of people with disabilities into society.
Girls on the Run of Nebraska
Girls on the Run of Nebraska, focuses on educating and preparing girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. This organization uses the power of running and play to change the way girls see themselves and their opportunities. Innovative games and activities teach valuable lessons about teamwork, communications, goal-setting, ...
Pathways to Compassion Hospice
Pathways to Compassion Hospice provides specialized care and support for patients and their families. Volunteers are an important part of this program. There are many ways that Pathways to Compassion Hospice volunteers can contribute.
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
The Ponca Tribe is currently in the process of restoration. Their mission statement includes the following: “. . .to promote peace, prosperity, happiness, and the general welfare of the citizens of our Tribe . . .to conserve and perpetuate all worthy traditions and cultural elements of our people long established ...
Peace Corps
The Peace Corps Mission is to help people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women. The Peace Corps helps promote a better understanding of Americans to the people served, as well as promoting a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.
Lincoln YMCA Youth Sports

Lincoln Council on Alcoholism and Drugs
Lincoln Council on Alcoholism and Drugs (LCAD) works to promote healthy lifestyles free of the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The organization emphasizes primarily alcohol and drug prevention strategies. LCAD works with youth, families and the community.