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Student Involvement

Information Strategies

What is Information Strategies?

Student Involvement Information Strategies (SIIS) provides hands-on work experience utilizing the latest in today's technology. We are a student-staffed design, marketing and web development agency that takes full advantage of high-end commercial products such as the latest Adobe Creative Suite as well as equally strong open-source solutions. Our Mission is to effectively communicate and promote the services, programs and activities of Student Involvement and the Nebraska Unions to the students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Not Just Graphic Design

SIIS encourages creative design and experiementation in a collaborative enviornment. Working on real world projects with other creative students, SIIS graphic designers brainstorm, solve communication problems, develop award-winning graphics and create print-ready files to successfully promote events. Saving multi-gigabyte files with dozens of layers under deadlines is the norm for graphic designers at SIIS. Learn more about Graphic Design at SIIS.

Not Just Web Development

Anyone who has done web development knows that they can be highly restricted by their work enviornment. At SIIS, experimentation is encouraged and learning is a must. Whether it is a new tool that will make life easier, a new algorithm that improves an old task, or a radical new idea for shaping how students interact with technology, SIIS will use it. Serious problems are met with seriously creative solutions. Learn more about Web Development and Research at SIIS.

Not Just Your Average Marketing

Marketing at SIIS puts a lot of time, energy, and creative thought into one thing: the best interests of UNL students. Developing campaigns for students is always fun and the SIIS marketing staff gets to do it all from market research to writing marketing plans and summaries, to working with an excellent creative team. Learn more about Marketing at SIIS.


Why do you work for Information Strategies

Contact Information

Assistant Director
Michael Jackson
(402) 472-8155
200 Nebraska Union